Shoyoroll and Albino & Preto gi brand catalogs.

GiDatabase is is a community effort to document Shoyoroll and Albino and Preto gi brand history. Please send any requests, corrections, feedback, and suggestions to hi@gi.lol. Please include documentation — links, original emails, photos, packing slips, etc. — when available. These are extremely helpful for verifying information.

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pageAlbino and Preto SanktuarypageAlbino and Preto YB EssentialpageAlbino and Preto Dart CamopageShoyoroll Articulated Kimono V2.3pageAlbino and Preto A&P x JahanpageAlbino and Preto MCMpageShoyoroll Comp Standard 24.1pageAlbino and Preto OllinpageAlbino and Preto A&P x Sig Zane x FITTEDpageAlbino and Preto A&P x MLBpageShoyoroll Batch #147: Worlds RetropageAlbino and Preto A&P x DCDTpageShoyoroll The CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto RS Comp BBBPpageAlbino and Preto HARPpageShoyoroll Batch #148: Brute ForcepageAlbino and Preto A&P x G-ShockpageShoyoroll Roger Gracie Academy x ShoyorollpageShoyoroll EA Sports V2pageShoyoroll Lucas Lepri Tour KimonopageShoyoroll Google x ShoyorollpageAlbino and Preto A&P x LogicpageShoyoroll WAZAir KimonopageAlbino and Preto Love & HatepageAlbino and Preto A&P x Kristian Woodmansee Dream KillerpageAlbino and Preto GAS Herringbone ClassicpageAlbino and Preto Year of the DragonpageShoyoroll Articulated Kimono V2.2pageAlbino and Preto BOP Herringbone ClassicpageAlbino and Preto RS Comp RWpageAlbino and Preto A&P x Artista V3pageAlbino and Preto A&P x NikepageShoyoroll Deus Ex Machina x ShoyorollpageShoyoroll Batch #144: MW2pageAlbino and Preto Ground ControlpageShoyoroll Batch #146: blackSTAR RetropageShoyoroll Batch #145: SuperLite RetropageAlbino and Preto Floral FurypageShoyoroll RVCA x RootspageShoyoroll Ota CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto RS Comp SNWpageAlbino and Preto Zombie CallpageShoyoroll Krink x ShoyorollpageAlbino and Preto Realtree 3pageAlbino and Preto TSWTpageShoyoroll Batch #139: All-TerrainpageAlbino and Preto MIL-SP Brazil DP.1pageShoyoroll IBJJFpageAlbino and Preto Stucco Herringbone ClassicpageAlbino and Preto RS Comp POWpageShoyoroll Atlas CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto RW EssentialpageShoyoroll RVCA x ShoyorollpageAlbino and Preto RS Comp RYGBpageShoyoroll Cactus Store x Shoyoroll Stone WashpageAlbino and Preto OrigamipageShoyoroll Hunt CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto RS Comp OOpageAlbino and Preto Ocean Mist Herringbone ClassicpageShoyoroll Batch #142: AcespageAlbino and Preto RS Comp HPRBpageShoyoroll Azure CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto FundamentalpageShoyoroll Batch #143: MalibupageAlbino and Preto Series 17 BrazilpageShoyoroll Ember CompetitorpageShoyoroll Batch #141: Federation V3pageAlbino and Preto Series 16 BrazilpageShoyoroll Batch #119: KanopageAlbino and Preto RS Comp BBpageAlbino and Preto ProteksyonpageShoyoroll Articulated Kimono V2pageShoyoroll Batch #140: InfraredpageAlbino and Preto Team 23pageAlbino and Preto A&P x LegacypageShoyoroll Carmine CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto Nopal Herringbone ClassicpageShoyoroll Batch #135: InfernopageAlbino and Preto A&P x atmospageAlbino and Preto PWpageAlbino and Preto Earl Grey Herringbone ClassicpageShoyoroll Crimson CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto A&P x WARpageAlbino and Preto A&P x Double GoosepageShoyoroll Citrine CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto CorduroypageAlbino and Preto Batch #102: UniversitypageShoyoroll Batch #136: Competitor RetropageAlbino and Preto Series 15 BrazilpageAlbino and Preto Series 14 BrazilpageAlbino and Preto A&P x SauconypageShoyoroll Admiral CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto Destination FallpageShoyoroll Batch #132: GeometricpageAlbino and Preto Series 13 BrazilpageAlbino and Preto A&P x LogospageAlbino and Preto TranquilitypageAlbino and Preto A&P x In4mation 2pageShoyoroll Lavender CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto MetamorphosispageShoyoroll Broken BonespageAlbino and Preto YW EssentialpageAlbino and Preto Destination BisonpageShoyoroll Grape CompetitorpageShoyoroll Batch #133: High ImpactpageAlbino and Preto A&P x Wing GundampageAlbino and Preto BOW Herringbone ClassicpageAlbino and Preto A&P x Renzo GraciepageShoyoroll Coral CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto Batch #108: Stained GlasspageShoyoroll Batch #127: King RoadpageShoyoroll Batch #134: RVCA x Kelsey BrookespageAlbino and Preto MGR Herringbone ClassicpageShoyoroll Tangerine CompetitorpageShoyoroll Batch #131: EnforcerspageShoyoroll Alpine CompetitorpageShoyoroll Cactus Store x Shoyoroll V4pageAlbino and Preto A&P x Lucas LepripageShoyoroll Batch #130: Tradition 22pageAlbino and Preto RS400 Comp NYTpageAlbino and Preto A&P x Mike GigliottipageShoyoroll Griffon CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto RS400 Comp KNMpageAlbino and Preto Batch #105: CollagepageShoyoroll Batch #128: AthenspageShoyoroll Nacre CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto A&P x Wu-Tang 2pageShoyoroll Arctic CompetitorpageShoyoroll Fifty/50 WatchmenpageShoyoroll RVCA x StreetXpageShoyoroll Competitor 21.BlackpageShoyoroll Batch #129: Into The FraypageAlbino and Preto Batch #111: Herringbone Classic YBMpageAlbino and Preto Batch #107: Realtree EDGE 2pageShoyoroll Moon Rock CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto A&P x NBA All-Star 2022pageShoyoroll Batch #126: FireworkspageShoyoroll Batch #107: Umit Benan V2pageAlbino and Preto Batch #110: Year of the TigerpageShoyoroll Competitor 21.BluepageShoyoroll Brazil Kimono V1pageAlbino and Preto A&P x NBA Eastern/Western ConferencepageAlbino and Preto Batch #106: Tri-Color Herringbone ClassicpageAlbino and Preto A&P x NBApageShoyoroll Crake CompetitorpageShoyoroll Batch #124: Federation V2pageAlbino and Preto Batch #99: Quilted KimonopageShoyoroll Articulated Kimono V1pageAlbino and Preto Batch #98: Monochromatic Herringbone Classic (Green)pageShoyoroll MOAB CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto Batch #104: Hot WheelspageAlbino and Preto A&P x Full Metal Jiu JitsupageShoyoroll Clementine CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto Batch #103: Wu-TangpageShoyoroll Batch #120: Blocked OutpageAlbino and Preto Series 12 BrazilpageShoyoroll Oxford CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto Batch #100: Star TrekpageShoyoroll Batch #121: WeavespageAlbino and Preto Batch #91: Out To AdaptpageAlbino and Preto Batch #94: Monochromatic Herringbone Classic (Orange)pageShoyoroll Purple Haze CompetitorpageShoyoroll Competitor 21.RedpageShoyoroll Batch #122: MonochromepageAlbino and Preto Batch #89: Liquid FlowpageShoyoroll Camp High x ShoyorollpageAlbino and Preto Series 9 BrazilpageShoyoroll Carolina CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto Batch #95: RS400 OBBYpageShoyoroll Batch #114: RVCA x DPMpageAlbino and Preto Batch #97: StashpageAlbino and Preto Batch #92: GarfieldpageShoyoroll Batch #107: Umit Benan V1pageAlbino and Preto Series 11 BrazilpageAlbino and Preto Batch #86: Bearbrick V3pageShoyoroll Timber CompetitorpageShoyoroll Batch #123: SYR x PorterpageAlbino and Preto Batch #93: RYG RS400pageShoyoroll Batch #117: AraneaepageShoyoroll Cactus Store x Shoyoroll V3pageAlbino and Preto Series 10 BrazilpageShoyoroll Sage CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto Batch #80: PleasurespageShoyoroll 95 CompetitorpageShoyoroll Batch #116: Pressure DroppageShoyoroll Batch #115: RVCA x HeartbreakerspageShoyoroll Batch #1pageShoyoroll Batch #2pageAlbino and Preto Batch #90: Essential KimonopageShoyoroll Carbon CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto A&P x CDBJJ V3pageAlbino and Preto Batch #82: Building BlockspageAlbino and Preto Batch #72: SatoripageShoyoroll Batch #110: DR20/SpageAlbino and Preto Batch #87: Monochromatic Herringbone Classic (Olive)pageAlbino and Preto Batch #88: DestinationpageShoyoroll Americana CompetitorpageAlbino and Preto Batch #85: No MercypageAlbino and Preto Batch #83: Monochromatic Herringbone Classic (Blue)pageShoyoroll Batch #113: WTAPSpageShoyoroll Batch #111: Yu NagabapageAlbino and Preto Batch #77: JSPpageAlbino and Preto Batch #70: SupernovapageAlbino and Preto Batch #84: Realtree EDGEpageShoyoroll Batch #112: Vital PrinciplespageShoyoroll Competitor 20.12pageAlbino and Preto A&P x Shadow ConspiracypageAlbino and Preto Batch #76: TMNTpageShoyoroll Competitor 20.11pageAlbino and Preto Batch #73: SpongebobpageShoyoroll Batch #109: AtaquepageShoyoroll Comp Edition 20.9pageAlbino and Preto Batch #78: LocalspageShoyoroll Competitor 20.10pageAlbino and Preto Batch #75: Q4 Herringbone ClassicpageShoyoroll Batch #108: StampedepageShoyoroll Cactus Store x Shoyoroll V2pageShoyoroll Competitor 20.9pageAlbino and Preto Batch #74: RS350 (Black and White)pageShoyoroll Competitor 20.8pageAlbino and Preto Batch #79: EqualitypageShoyoroll Comp Edition 20.7pageAlbino and Preto Batch #64: TerritorypageAlbino and Preto Batch #68: Q3 Herringbone ClassicpageShoyoroll Competitor 20.7pageAlbino and Preto Batch #66: MonacopageAlbino and Preto Series 8 BrazilpageShoyoroll Competitor 20.6pageAlbino and Preto Batch #69: RS350 (Yellow)pageShoyoroll Competitor 20.5pageShoyoroll Comp Edition 20.5pageAlbino and Preto Sample Kimono Raffle 2020pageAlbino and Preto Batch #67: PBJ Tri-ColorpageShoyoroll Competitor 20.4pageShoyoroll Cactus Store x ShoyorollpageAlbino and Preto A&P x Lotus ClubpageAlbino and Preto A&P x 540pageShoyoroll Batch #106: UnitpageAlbino and Preto A&P x Carpe DiempageShoyoroll Fifty/50 WizardpageAlbino and Preto Batch #65: OGB Tri-ColorpageShoyoroll Competitor 20.3pageAlbino and Preto Batch #63: BearbrickpageShoyoroll Comp Edition 20.3pageAlbino and Preto Batch #61: Grappling ForcepageShoyoroll Competitor 20.2pageAlbino and Preto Batch #62: Herringbone ClassicpageShoyoroll Competitor 20.1pageShoyoroll Comp Edition 20.1pageShoyoroll Batch #105: Absolute KingpageShoyoroll Batch #104: FederationpageShoyoroll Batch #101: Metallic Competitor BronzepageShoyoroll Batch #103: Metallic Competitor GoldpageShoyoroll Batch #102: Metallic Competitor SilverpageAlbino and Preto Batch #60: Mil-SpecpageShoyoroll Comp Standard XIX Q4pageAlbino and Preto Batch #59: RS350 (Orange)pageAlbino and Preto Batch #56: UmberpageShoyoroll Competitor 19 Q4pageShoyoroll Batch #99: PrecisionpageAlbino and Preto Batch #55: JaffapageAlbino and Preto A&P x Carpe Diem Free From PressurepageShoyoroll Batch #95: DaubpageAlbino and Preto A&P x In4mationpageAlbino and Preto A&P x MoskovapageShoyoroll Batch #100: SYR x A&PpageShoyoroll Batch #76: Know WavepageShoyoroll Comp Standard XIX Q3pageShoyoroll Competitor 19 Q3pageAlbino and Preto Batch #54: Q3 CompetitionpageShoyoroll GF Team x ShoyorollpageShoyoroll Batch #97: Jiu-Jitsu Is Simple

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