Shoyoroll Ambassador Gi

Release Date

Pre-Reserve: April 11-15, 2016 Online: November 4, 2016 at 10:00 AM PST


Top: Pearl Weave Pants: Cotton Twill Color: White


The Ambassador gi could only be ordered by students of Shoyoroll sponsored athletes whose gym was enrolled in their Black Belt Program.


$179 - $184

Purchase Limits

Three per student.


Sponsored Shoyoroll black belts running their own gyms were invited to join Shoyoroll's Ambassador program. One perk was the opportunity for those athletes' students to order Shoyoroll's exclusive Ambassador gi.

The kimono is a classic white with silver embroidered Shoyoroll logos on the sleeves. The logos don't include the customary "JIU-JITSU" and "KIMONO" beneath the Shoyoroll swirls.

Many were surprised to find a velcro rectangle on the left front of the pants. There was some speculation as to what this was for, and an email to Shoyoroll revealed it to be for students to apply their academy patch, or any other patch they desired.

The Velcro patch area is a new design for customers to apply a velcro patch. The velcro patch section/area is more commonly known in military circles as a way to display their branch, unit etc. Now students can put their own patch, school patch etc. Unfortunately, there were no patches included with the kimono.



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