Shoyoroll GUMA 2015

Elvis. Versace. Gold.

Release Date

Original: 2015 Vault: November 23, 2018


Top: Pearl Weave Pants: Cotton Twill Color: White, Black


The white gi was given to 2015 GUMA members as part of their membership package. The black gi was given to 2015 UberGÜMA members.

The GUMA membership had proven extraordinarily popular by this point, so on August 1, 2014, Shoyoroll announced the GUMA Reserve Waiting List:

Due to the overwhelming demand for the GUMA Reserve Membership. We have decided to create a GUMA RESERVE waiting list for those who are interesting in becoming a 2015 Guma Reserve member. Providing your information through this form places you on a WAITING list for Guma 2015. When slots become available, we will contact interested parties, in the order we receive the entries (first come, first served). If you fail to purchase the membership by the said date, you will forfeit your place in line. Please click on the form link button below to be placed on the waiting list. If you fail to fill out all required fields, your entry will not be accepted.


GUMA Membership: $300 + shipping UberGÜMA Membership: $600 + shipping

Vault UberGÜMA: $200


The GUMA membership package included the GUMA 2015 Gi (white with gold trim), Silver Foil t-shirt, Silver Key Chain & Bottle Opener

The UberGÜMA membership package included everything in the GUMA membership package, along with the UberGÜMA 2015 Gi (same as the GUMA gi, but black colorway with gold), Gold Foil t-shirt, Gold Key Chain & Bottle Opener.



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