Shoyoroll Absolute Fit V1

Made in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Release Date

July 7, 2014 at 10:00 AM PDT


Top: Lightweight Pearl Weave Pants: Lightweight Poly-Cotton Color: White with Black-White Logo / Black Contrast Stitching, Black with Black-White Logo / White Contrast Stitching


White: $225 - $230 Black: $235 - $240

Purchase Limits

One per color per customer.


The "ABSOLUTE FIT" was designed with one goal in mind, enhancing performance ability and comfort. Over the years, the jiu-jitsu kimono has been redesigned a lot in terms of aesthetics, but never with the aim of dissecting the gi piece by piece and rebuilding it from scratch. The ABSOLUTE FIT was drafted over years of research from personal rolling experience to execute a technical cut while maintaining a tailored fit kimono that could eliminate unnecessary slacks for gripping.

The major pattern change on the gi top was to implement a specific type of sleeve cut. Our goal was to give more ease to movement without being bulky. The end result of this gi top is a beautifully constructed pattern that is tailored snug around shoulders naturally in combat stance. The front hem of the top is also cut so that it allows the labels to fall into perfect parallel for aesthetics purposes.

//Drifting away from the traditional straight-leg rope tied gi pants, the ABSOLUTE FIT

Features engineered twisting seams, which allows the trouser to mould around the knees instead of just falling straight down the side of the legs, creating a 3D effect on fit and ergonomic in appearance. A D-ring has also been deployed as the new fastening system to allow a strong, flat look with Velcro closure. **Due to the D-ring enclosure, this gi may not be considered IBJJF legal.


The Absolute cut has been designed, drafted, toiled, sampled, fitted, tested, redrafted, retooled, resampled, refitted, retested, etc. I continued this cycle until it met our standards and satisfaction – just like how I was taught and trained to do a collection. Given the fact that it’s impossible to satisfy everyone’s needs, we’ve reached a satisfactory prototype through grading that fits most body types the best way possible. The Absolute kimono was our first kimono MADE IN LOS ANGELES. It was designed in 2014 and created by avid competitor and Jiu-Jitsu athlete Viking Wong.

Note that the Absolute Fit gi was not available in sizes A0H, A2F, A2L, and A3H.



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