Albino and Preto Batch #97: Stash

Release Date

Europe: July 3, 2021 at 10:00 AM GMT Japan: July 3, 2021 at 9:00 AM JST U.S. Reserve: July 6, 2021 at 11:00 AM PDT U.S. Public: July 7, 2021 at 11:00 AM PDT


Top: 450G Pearl Weave Pants: 10oz Cotton Color: White, Navy


A00F, A0, A0H, A0F, A1, A1F, A1L, A2, A2F, A2L, A2H, A3, A3L, A3H, A4, A5


The Reserve pre-sale was open for just ten minutes, from 11:00 AM to 11:10 AM PDT on July 6, 2021.


Japan (White): ¥22,800 ($215) Japan (Navy): ¥23,800 ($224) Europe (White): £160 ($223) Europe (Navy): £170 ($237) U.S. (White): $240 U.S. (Navy): $250

Purchase Limits



A&P partners with graffiti artist, Stash, for a project capsule where street art meets the physical art of Jiu-Jitsu. Art is a form of expression. Whether it’s Jiu-Jitsu or graffiti, it takes dedication and focus. Known for his early artwork seen on subway trains in the early 1980s in New York City, Stash eventually made his way to exhibiting art at a young age finding much success as a gallery artist. Since the 90s, Stash has worked with brands like Nike, Burton and Casio just to name a few. Stash has also dabbled in retail and opened stores such as RECON, then Nort 235 which later was rebranded as Nort/Recon. Now Stash has brought his style and influence to the world of Jiu-Jitsu and we’re proud to bring you this latest collection.

The A&P x Stash project will consist of 2 kimonos, 3 tees and a New Era snapback cap. Stash’s signature use of blue hues and fat cap spray tips is incorporated in many of the design elements in each piece of this collection.

The kimonos are made of 450 gsm pearl weave fabric and the Novo pants are made of cotton canvas. This kimono features various detailed accents such as the all-over spray tip design featured in the inside yolk and inside taping of the sleeves, skirt, pant openings and gusset. The spray tip design is also embroidered on the front and back of the skirt of the top in tonal stitching. Patchwork on the left shoulder, back and left hip all feature the spray tip design with hand style script by Stash. The A&P Mark with a Stash arrow hit is embroidered on the right sleeve. Lastly, Stash’s signature tag is embroidered on the front rib of the kimono top. This piece will be available in navy and white along with a knapsack.

3 tee designs feature enlarged graphics featured through the kimono. First is the A&P x Stash Box Tee which features a box logo with the spray tip design and ‘Albino & Preto’ written in Stash hand style. The Mark logo and Stash tag are on opposite sleeves. Next is the Mark tee which features a big Mark logo bordered with the spray tip design followed with an arrow hit and Stash tag on the left sleeve. Last is the Stack tee which features multiple Mark logos and Stash hits stacked above each other. All tees are made of a poly-cotton blend and will be available in black and white.

To top off this project is a New Era snapback cap. A tri-colour Mark logo is on the front panels with an arrow hit. The Stash tag is on the wearer’s right and New Era flag logo on the left. Albino & Preto hand style writing is embroidered on the back above the snap. This cap is adjustable and fits most sizes.





Albino and Preto Japan (White) Albino and Preto Japan (Navy) Albino and Preto Europe (White) Albino and Preto Europe (Navy)

Albino and Preto (White) Albino and Preto (Navy) Albino and Preto New Era Snapback Albino and Preto Stash Cap Mark Tee (Black) Albino and Preto Stash Cap Mark Tee (White) Albino and Preto Stash Box Tee (Black) Albino and Preto Stash Box Tee (White) Albino and Preto Stash Stacked Logo Tee (Black) Albino and Preto Stash Stacked Logo Tee (White)

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