Shoyoroll GUMA 2014 (SuperLite2)

SuperLite2. SuperLite 2.

Release Date



Top: Pearl Weave Pants: Cotton Twill Color: Royal Blue


The SuperLite2 gi was given to GUMA members as part of their membership package.


GUMA Membership: $299 + shipping


The 2014 GUMA membership package included the SuperLite2 gi, hoodie, and water bottle.

2014 GUMA Reserve Membership Details

The membership will start on January 1, 2014 and end on December 31, 2014. There is a limit of ONE membership per customer and all memberships are non-transferable. The biggest benefit for the Guma Reserve is to get access to limited edition gi's that are not always available to the general public (excluding in-person releases & special projects). In addition, it helps to avoid dealing with online rushes and quick sellouts.

GUMA Reserve 2014 by SYR.

Cost: $299.00 USD

* Limited spaces and once slots sell out we will close memberships. **One per person ***Guma discount cannot be used toward membership purchase

What is included?

  • Initial package offerings (Estimated ship date: Feb/Mar 2014): * Guma Reserve 2014 Kimono * Sweater * Mystery item

  • Ability to purchase Exclusive Guma only kimonos

  • Guaranteed first access to purchase kimonos released on the Shoyoroll web store in 2014

  • Longer timeframe window for kimono purchases on the Shoyoroll web store in 2014

  • Pre-reserve system for kimonos released on the Shoyoroll web store in 2014

  • 10% off all Shoyoroll web store merchandise, including kimonos in 2014

  • First right of refusal to join 2015 Guma Reserve

More information regarding future releases will be provided to 2014 members during the year.

** Anticipated releases for 2014 are subject to change.

You will receive an email with full details, rules, terms and conditions of the 2014 membership within a week or two of purchase.

To ensure that you receive all email correspondence regarding Guma and Shoyoroll news, please add and to your address book and safe sender list. By purchasing the membership, you will automatically be added to our newsletter group.


- When does package member package ship? Feb/March 2014

* How many packages can we buy? ONE PER CUSTOMER * Can we pick up package in person? Yes, if you are a southern CA customer * Will there be member only release gi’s? Yes * Will there be a separate store or discount code for GUMA Reserve members? Yes. Please expect another newsletter with specific details and important information.



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