Shoyoroll Batch #4: Grey Skies

Release Date

January 3, 2009


Top: 510 Gram pearl weave Pants: Lightweight Color: White


Only 50 were made available. It was available in sizes A1, A2, and A3.


$161 shipped


We have made only a few of these and to be honest will probably never be released in a long time if ever again. The features on this GI follow all the adjustments that we made to Batch#4 "COMP MODEL" with just a different color theme for style.

Top -510 Gram pearl weave -One Piece w/ no back seam -Heavy Reinforced Seams -Tailored Fit -100% Mercerized / Sunforized Cotton for less shrinkage and longer color -Inside REDYELLOWGREEN lining -Simple logo artwork without "kimonos" text -Thicker, Wider, and Stonger Eva Foam Collar -Rebel woven lining inside lapel

Pants -Lightweight pants -Gold weave kneepads for extra fit at the knee -Gold weave crotch for more give for guard players -Stretch drawstring for easy tie and release -Inside REDYELLOWGREEN lining -Colored threading on pants and jacket -6 point loops for drawstring

This is one of the earliest and rarest Shoyoroll gis. Only 50 were made and could be ordered via email directly from Shoyoroll.



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