Shoyoroll Fifty/50 Watchmen

SYR x Ryan Hall. Fifty/50 2022. Rorschach. Dr. Manhattan.

Release Date

Public Presale: March 7, 2022 Public Sale: October 26, 2022 Fifty/50 Members: TBD


Top: Pearl Weave Pants: Cotton Color: White, Light Blue


Public Presale: 0, 1, 1L, 2, 2L, 3, 4, 5 Public Sale: 0, 0F, 1, 1F, 1L, 2, 2L, 3, 3L, 4, 5 Fifty/50 Members: 00F, 0, 0F, 0W, 1, 1F, 1L, 2, 2W, 2L, 3, 3W, 3L, 4, 5


During the public presale, 50 pieces per colorway were originally available across a limited set of sizes beginning on March 7, 2022. On March 11, 2022, Fifty/50 made additional pieces available for presale. The gis were sold with an estimated delivery date of July 2022, but due to delays were delivered in mid-October. Remaining stock was sold to the public beginning on October 26, 2022.


Fifty/50 Members: TBD Public: $349.99

Purchase Limits

Public Presale: One per colorway per customer.


A collaboration between Shoyoroll and Ryan Hall's Fifty/50 academy, this limited release is inspired by the DC Comics graphic novel series Watchmen, with the White colorway representing the character Rorschach and the Light Blue colorway representing the character Dr. Manhattan.



Fifty50 Martial Arts Instagram (Public Presale) Fifty/50 Store Presale (White) Fifty/50 Store Presale (Light Blue)

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