Albino and Preto Batch #8

Release Date

June 29, 2016 at 12:00 PM PDT


Top: 450 Gram Pearl Weave Pants: 10oz Canvas Color: White with maroon


Originally this was only available to adult and kid sponsored athletes, but was later made available to the public. See details below.



Purchase Limits

One colorway per customer.


At first this batch was only available to Albino & Preto's sponsored kids athletes. Then later to their adult sponsored athletes.

No one thought that the public would get to own one of these stark white with burgundy contrast gis.

Then on June 29th of 2016 A&P dropped their "Steele Canvas Laundry bag project." This was 30 units of an industrial grade, custom made laundry bag made of canvas. And the only hint of a gi being sold at this online drop was a single sentence at the bottom of the email in a super small font that said:

"On top of this release there will be a Quick strike on our A&P Batch 8 Kimono, *Limit 1 per customer*"

That's it. That is all there was.

Apparently the main thrust of Batch #8 was production for their growing sponsored athlete population. Then they flushed out the remaining inventory as an aside during the drop of their laundry bag.



Albino and Preto

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