Shoyoroll Batch #28: Nous Defions

Nous Defions V1 Collaboration.

Release Date



Top: Pearl Weave Pants: Cotton Twill Color: Black


100 total gis were made. Shoyoroll kept 20 and Nous Defions sold 80.




This project came about when a US Special Forces Jiu-Jitsu athlete and avid supporter of the brand was trying to get a uniform made for his squad. Batch #28 was a private kimono project made specifically for this special group and saw no distribution. The kimono design is simple, with a few cool military patches and slogans installed to reflect the brand and highlight the culture of their unit.


References Nous Defions Facebook (Bag) Nous Defions Facebook (Athlete Photo) Shoyoroll Archives (1999-2016)

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