Shoyoroll GUMA 2012 (1751)

1751. Georgetown.

Release Date

Original pre-release: December 24, 2011 (Shipped: February-March 2012) Vault: November 23, 2018


Top: Pearl Weave Pants: 10oz Drill Cotton Color: White


Originally the member gi for the 2012 GUMA membership. Later made available for the 2018 Black Friday Vault sale.


Original: $379 Vault: $200 - $205

Purchase Limits

Vault: One per batch/style per customer/household.


The 1751 came with a large Shoyoroll patch meant to be sewn onto the right rib cage area of the gi top. See the artwork image below. This gi is colloquially known as "Georgetown" because the patches share the blue/grey combination of the Georgetown Hoyas' logo and uniform.

The 2012 GUMA membership also came with a gym bag.

2012 GUMA Reserve Membership Details

The time has come and we are very excited to release our well anticipated 2012 SYR GUMA Reserve Annual Membership. This membership will be an exclusive membership that will offer Members only gear package, future discounts, advance access to future releases, members only private release, and more...

Guma Reserve by SYR.

Cost: $379.00 USD / Annual Membership from (Jan 1st- Dec 31st 2012) How: purchase online membership Where: online store When: Dec. 24th at 1PM PST.

*** Limit spaces and once slots sell out we will close memberships. *** One per person

What is included?

1 - members only exclusive kimono 2 - members only exclusive t-shirt 1 - members only exclusive sweater 1 - members only exclusive gear bag 1 - members only patch and sticker set


- 10 % off all Purchases

* Priority pick up at all in person releases * Access to GUMA Reserve members only releases for kimonos and apparel * Set aside allocations of future gi releases for reserve only. * Early purchase of products before released to general public

Future kimono releases for 2012

- Rio Koi (limited edition artist series)

* Original Competitor (lightweight white and blue new weave ) * The Ring (limited edition athlete series) * Special Forces (limited theme release kimono) * The Roc (rare limited collectors release) * Deluxe (heavy duty limited release) * Navy Skies (rare limited collectors release) * Pharaoh (member only release) * Flamingo (member only release) * The Kingpin (athlete edition limited release) * Rolls (rare limited release)

These are only some of our future release we plan to put out in 2012. Note names and styles are subject to change.


* When does package member package ship? March 2012 * How many packages can we buy? ONE PER CUSTOMER * Can we pick up package in person? Yes or you can pay to have it shipped * Will there be more member only release gi's than the ones listed in 2012? YES * Will there be a separate store or discount code for GUMA Reserve members come Jan. 1? You will get this in welcome email a few days after purchase.



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