Shoyoroll Batch #49: Rebel

Rebel Sticker. Sticker Gi.

Release Date

April 2015


Top: Lightweight Canvas Pants: Lightweight Canvas Color: Black


There were 250 Rebel gis made, each hand-numbered.




The idea and concept behind this kimono was to sell a sticker for $250. We had no idea how it would be received or even if anybody would purchase it. To our surprise, we offered the sticker online and it sold out in less than an hour. As a reward for the die-hard supporters of the brand, we included a limited kimono with the sticker. The kimono was designed with a black tonal-look with graphic patches throughout.

250 were made available as a "Rebels Sticker" that were sold along with a "mystery item" that turned out to be this black Rebel gi. Each gi is numbered out of 250 on the inside collar in silver pen and comes with a matching hand-numbered sticker.



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