Shoyoroll Batch #42: Dune

Inspired by Ryan Hall.

Release Date

Original: October 9, 2015 at 10:00 AM PDT Vault: November 23, 2018


Top: Standard Pearl Weave Pro Cotton Pants: Lightweight Twill Cotton Color Black, White


In addition to the normal online release, a limited number of Dune gis were available for purchase at Ryan Hall's Fifty/50 Academy in Arlington, Virginia.


A00F, A0F, A0, A0H, A1F, A1, A1L, A2F, A2, A2L, A2H, A3, A3L, A3H, A4, A5


Original: $200 - $205 Vault: $200 - $205

Purchase Limits

Original: One per customer/household. Vault: One per batch/style per customer/household.


Batch #42 is another athlete series inspired by sponsored athlete and friend, Ryan Hall at Fifty/50. This project was directed by Ryan and it includes influences from one of his favorite novels.



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