Shoyoroll Batch #83: Mamba Competitor

White Mamba. Black Mamba.

Release Date

April 20, 2018 at 10:00 AM PDT Vault: November 23, 2018 (Black gi)


Top: Lightweight Pearl Weave Cotton Pants: Lightweight Ripstop Cotton Color: Black, White


Black: $200 - $205 White: $200 - $205

Purchase Limits

One per customer/household.


Taking inspiration from one of our most sought after kimonos (Mamba) we give you Batch #83 Mamba Competitor. This throwback kimono gives off the Competitor vibe with the placement of the large back patch. Batch #83 will be available in Black and features a Pearl Weave top and Ripstop pants.

The black version sold out so quickly, that Shoyoroll quickly offered a pre-order of a white version to folks who missed out on the black one, sending the following email to their mailing list:

Thank you all for the support during today's release of our Batch #83 Mamba Competitor Kimono (Black). Due to the quick sellout rate, we are offering a Pre-Order for our Batch #83 Mamba Competitor (WHITE) Kimono for those who were unable to purchase. Estimated completion is scheduled for July/August 2018.



Shoyoroll Email Archive Shoyoroll Email Archive: White Pre-Order Shoyoroll Facebook Gi Details (Black) Gi Details (White)

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